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OneJax is proud to support initiatives that aim to improve the welfare and quality of life of marginalized or minority groups. In addition to advocating on behalf of underrepresented groups, we connect our base of supporters and volunteers with causes that support their passions.

OneJax Statement on Racial Injustice

George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery headshots


Right now, our hearts are filled with pain. Here in Jacksonville and throughout the country - and the world - people understand that we must stand up for one another. We have to acknowledge the outrage, fear and hurt that has been provoked by the killing of George Floyd, following on the heels of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. We ask, "How many more must die? How many more times will the failure to initiate REAL CHANGE occur?" For African Americans, other people of color and other marginalized communities, how much more inequity, social injustice and violence are they expected to endure?


We stand with those who voice their protest … who scream to be heard, recognized and appreciated for who they are. We stand with those who want what we all want - a safe place to live, a decent job that provides a living wage and a community that includes them as part of the fabric of the best it has to offer.


No mother should have to shake with fear every time her black son leaves the house, afraid that he won't come home.


OneJax was founded on the belief that Jacksonville can become an inclusive community. We believe, in spite of everything, that this is still an attainable goal. But we must all join together to see this vision become reality. As we work on programs, dialogues and other ways to collectively create change, we ask you to share your thoughts, pain, frustrations and ideas so we can help. There is something we can all do, and in the near future we'll offer up opportunities to become part of the solution.


We celebrate our incredible diversity. But today, we mourn and rededicate ourselves to a better future for everyone.


Contact OneJax at or 904-620-1529.