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We Stand in Solidarity Against Hate - Interfaith Vigil in Remembrance of the Pittsburgh Victims

We Stand in Solidarity

It seems each week brings yet another act of human cruelty and senseless violence fueled by hatred and the dehumanization of individuals and groups. We grieve for the victims and survivors of the anti-Semitic violence in Pittsburgh.  We mourn for those who lost their lives due to racist violence in Kentucky.  We are concerned for those who have been targets due to their political viewpoints.


Our hearts are heavy for these senseless acts of hate and violence we continue to experience and witness. We struggle to know what response we should have.  We cannot despair.


At OneJax, an organization that helps people discover their common humanity through dialogue, we stand in solidarity with those who face systemic oppression each day.  Beyond our tears lies a new resolve for us all to move forward together, to become wounded healers and answer the call to repair the world.  We are not powerless in the face of evil.  We have seen the impact of collective action.


Here in Jacksonville, we have a beautiful and needed corrective to much of what captures our national imagination and attention.  For 101 years, our community has gathered together across different faith traditions uniting around the theme of gratitude.  With so much that seems broken, the OneJax Interfaith Gratitude Service is a celebration of what is right in our community.  This Thursday night at 6:00 P.M., we will gather at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church to continue this community tradition and treasure.  Creating community across our differences is the work of OneJax and it’s needed now as much as any time in human history.  We invite you to join us.


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Contact OneJax at or 904-620-1529.