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Hand Circle - No Place for Hate: OneJax Statement on Charlottesville

No Place for Hate: OneJax's Statement on Charlottesville

OneJax emphatically denounces the hate-inspired violence and hateful speech instigated by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. We mourn for the lives lost and the many injured. At this critical time, let us renew our commitment to stand together and to work ever more passionately for inclusion, equity, and justice for all.


How do we move forward? This is no time for empty platitudes. Rather, it is a time for active work to root out the seeds of intolerance and discrimination. We want to share the following from the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities:


Ten Things You Can Do to Stand Together

  1. Speak up and challenge bigotry whenever you see it
  2. Talk with your neighbor or someone in your neighborhood you don't know about why diversity and inclusion is important to all of us
  3. Analyze the diversity within your neighborhood, workplace, local school, or house of worship and initiate conversations about where and why there might be a lack of inclusion.
  4. Read books that help you to learn about the experiences and perspectives of people from different backgrounds - especially those whose voices are often left out of community conversations
  5. Learn about our community's complex history - including the difficult parts - and consider the residue of that history on the present day
  6. Write a letter to the editor expressing why you value diversity, equity, and inclusion in your community
  7. Contact your elected officials to make sure they know your views, especially about policies that could disproportionately hurt members of marginalized groups
  8. Attend community events that expand your understanding and perspective
  9. Volunteer with organizations that focus on making our communities more equitable and inclusive
  10. Donate to organizations and causes that promote respect, understanding, and justice

The events of this weekend remind us once again that true inclusion requires all of us to stand together against prejudice, discrimination, and hatred. When the rallies are over, let us not pretend that the hatred has left. Instead, let's use the experience of this weekend as continued motivation to root out bigotry and prejudice wherever it may be.


This is the moment for positive, vigorous action. Together, we can prove with one voice and with sustained effort that there is no place for hate in our country.


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