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Tuition and CostARC Jacksonville logo

The Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition at UNF (OCT)  and The Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition Residential Program tuition and costs are listed below. Both program accept the following funding sources: Private, MedWaiver CDC+, and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  If an OCT student is between ages 18-21 and is a Florida resident, please refer to the McKay Scholarship section of this page. For McKay Scholarship students, please note that OCT is listed as The Arc Jacksonville Academy (2)-OCT.



Tuition and cost for the OCT and its residential program do not cover meals, transportation, recreational costs, and school supplies.


All tuition checks must be made payable to: The Arc Jacksonville, Inc. with Memo section: OCT or OCT Residential Program.


All checks or money order must be mailed to:


The Arc Jacksonville, Inc.

1050 North Davis Street

Jacksonville, FL 32209

McKay Scholarship

If you are a Florida resident, you may be eligible for the McKay Scholarship, which may subsidize tuition costs based on the candidate’s matrix level. The McKay Scholarship program is a State of Florida program which allows an ESE student with disabilities in a public school to choose a private school education. The funds allocated by the State for that student based upon their IEP needs (matrix level) is then sent to the private school of their choosing. The OCT does accept the McKay scholarship; however, it is the responsibility of the candidate’s financially responsible party to find out the candidates’ eligibility/receipt/matrix level of the McKay Scholarship and to adhere to all McKay scholarship deadlines. For more information or to apply please visit the McKay Scholarship website.