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ARC Jacksonville logoThe Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition at UNF (OCT) is committed to the inclusion and integration of students with intellectual disabilities within the university and the community. Our focus is transitioning students into adulthood by providing opportunities for students to experientially learn how to become independent, engaged, well-adjusted, and contributing members of society. The program provides comprehensive services to give students a well-rounded college experience and to meet students’ unique needs and desires. The program offers students the opportunity to self-direct and collaboratively create a Program of Study, a unique and customized plan for achievement, which focuses upon developing the following areas: academic enhancement, career development, university life, health/personal growth, and independent living/community life. Students are encouraged and empowered to act as self-advocates and to further enhance their self-determination through the implementation of their Program of Study.

The OCT views and respects their students as adults. Students are not limited by focusing on their “mental age.” We firmly believe that if you treat an adult like an adult, they will behave like an adult. The opposite also remains true: if you treat an adult like a child, then they will behave as such.


  • Are viewed as college students and afforded every opportunity to have full integration.
  • Desire to be treated like their counterparts and to be included in the same academic, vocational, independent living, and social opportunities that others without disabilities engage in.
  • Have the freedom and the ability to make their own choices.
  • Enhance their decision-making skills; however, students must deal with natural consequences of the choices they make.
  • Learn optimally through their same-aged peers (matriculated college students).

Our staff:  

  • Provide every opportunity to ensure that students reach their full potential.
  • Believe that each student is capable of becoming independent in the community with minimal supports
  • Believe true independence is not learned from a textbook, but is acquired and enhanced through actual experiences.
  • Acknowledge that Intelligent Quotients (IQs) do not define a person and their worth
  • Believe that the potential of ours students is boundless.