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One of the most prominent trademarks of an effective postsecondary transition program is the ability for young adults with intellectual disabilities or differences to audit college courses of their choosing. OCT students receive the following benefits from auditing courses: increased understanding of essential theories and field-related vocabulary, enhanced professional etiquette, improved critical thinking skills, enhanced time management skills, effective teamwork skills (if course has group activities), and self-determination.

Past and current professors have shared that the participation of OCT students within their courses have increased their understanding of diverse learning styles, expanded the technology used in the classroom, increased their understanding of all students with differences, and have begun incorporating universal design in how they teach future courses. In addition, professors have reported that matriculated students have received transformational learning experiences by having an OCT student as a peer in the classroom. UNF students have increased their acceptance of diversity, obtained greater understanding of their own learning styles and needs, expanded their circle of natural supports within the course, and are exposed unique perspectives during classroom discussions. OCT students are paired with an in-class academic mentor to assist the student in achieving course objectives.

The OCT has had over a hundred professors participate in the OCT since its inception. Audited courses vary from: Anthropology, Comparative Politics, Comparative Religion, Cultural Geography, Drawing I, Enjoyment of Music, Foundations of Business, Intergroup Dialogue for Diverse Populations, Introduction to American Government, Introduction to Education, Social Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Tennis and many other options. The OCT is always seeking new professors to participate each semester and to expand the array of courses offered.


For more information on OCT students and classes please visit our students and classes webpage.

Current OCT Professors 

Thank you so much for all you do for our students! Their lives will be forever changed by the time and effort you put into their experience. Below is a resource explaining some of the many types of differences. Please use this as a guide for any issues that may come up with a student.




Looking to give your students hands-on experience?

The OCT offers matriculated university students opportunities to utilize a science-practitioner perspective in working with this population through various means: social/academic mentoring, course projects, course field experiences, practicum, and internships. To date, UNF students from diverse majors (i.e., business, education, psychology, computers, counseling, communications, nutrition, etc.) have creatively found ways to apply their major to this underserved and growing population through volunteer and for-credit course projects.

Some possibilities for departmental involvement include:

  • Professors and UNF students can utilize OCT as a potential site for course projects, field experiences, practicum, and/or internships
  • Professors and UNF students can use or incorporate OCT as part of research studies
  • UNF students can conduct independent studies at OCT
  • UNF students can build resumes and leadership experience by volunteering in the OCT Mentoring Program
  • UNF students can utilize OCT to obtain credit toward their UNF Leadership Certificate

Needing interns/volunteers?

Federal studies have consistently demonstrated that the inclusion of persons with disabilities within the workplace significantly increase workplace morale, productivity, and positively transform organizational culture. The OCT has a pre-employment training component where OCT students are matched with UNF Departments to conduct internships and/or assist with special events. The OCT pairs OCT students with a job coach or work readiness mentor to provide additional training and to ensure supervisor satisfaction with OCT student performance. To date, OCT students have acquired internships ranging from: Women’s Center, Golfplex, Physical Facilities, Intercultural Center, Arena, UNF Preschool, Career Services, Volunteer Center, Student Accessibility Services, and Student Health Services. In addition, OCT students have assisted in special department events as part of their service learning component (i.e., UNF Student Elections, Garbage on the Green, Homecoming events, etc.).