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AmeriCorps Youth Transition Program

Did you know that you can serve as an AmeriCorps Member at UNF?Ameri Corps Logo 

UNF student, alumni, and current OCT students have served as members of The Arc Jacksonville’s AmeriCorps Youth Transition (AYT) project for the past two years. The AYT is made up of a dynamic mix of talented leaders dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and identified “disadvantaged” populations in Jacksonville. UNF students and alumni creatively use their majors (i.e., engineering, nutrition, psychology, social work, business, nonprofit management, music, nursing, etc.) and various talents to provide innovative services to the OCT and other locations of The Arc Jacksonville in the following areas:


UNF mentor recruitment and volunteer services

Financial literacy mentoring with budgeting and finance training

Academic advising and remedial tutoring

Work readiness mentors and development/job recruitment and coaching

Wellness mentors with culinary skill enhancement as well as fitness training/guidance

Independent living mentoring


Members serve as role models, mentors, and advocates for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. AmeriCorps receive a modest federal living stipend and educational award, which can be used to pay off current educational expenses or pay off past student loans. 


Being an AmeriCorps Member is not only a great way to gain hand-on experience in your area of study in a federal program, but it also provides you with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and achieve personal enrichment. 


Intrigued? Want to learn more? Check out the AmeriCorps Youth Transition Frequently Asked Questions Section.

Frequently Asked Questions