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Admissions Process 

The Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition at UNF (OCT) has a rolling admissions process. This means that OCT accepts applications throughout the year. Due to potentially long waiting lists, it is advised to submit complete applications by December 31 of the current year for the following academic year.  ARC Jacksonville logo


Based on the initial review of the candidate’s application for eligibility, an invitation for an interview may be provided. Once the interview has been completed, a letter of determination for entrance will be rendered. 


If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact the OCT Program at (904) 620-3890 or Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered. The application, along with all supporting documentation, must be turned into the OCT office at one time.

Qualifications Requirements

Candidates for OCT are eligible upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Have an intellectual disability
  • Have completed high school coursework
  • Students who received a standard diploma  must provide additional documentation that they received ESE services due to having an intellectual disability
  • Be eligible for or receiving SSDI or SSI 
  • Have a desire to receive transition services in a college setting
  • Have exhibited a need and a desire for greater independence
  • Be able to travel independently while on the college campus
  • Have had two paid or unpaid community work experiences
  • Have exhibited socially adaptive and responsible behavior when left unsupervised
  • Be able to communicate with others
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have satisfactory school attendance from previous schools
  • Have a health insurance plan (Medicaid, Medicare, Private)
  • Must consent to being photographed, filmed, interviewed, and/or quoted in media and publications
  • Have own cell phone before entering the program (this is not provided by OCT)
  • Consent to participate in OCT longitudinal studies


Young adults with intellectual disabilities interested in participating in the OCT Residential Program must meet the above requirements. If a candidate is not applying or attending OCT but would like to participate in the OCT Residential Program, he or she must be a participant of other transition services during the day (i.e., North Florida School, Project SEARCH, other services at The Arc Jacksonville, paid employment, etc.).


** Applications are due by December 31st.  Late acceptance applications will be considered until Jan. 31st. A wait list may be in place.**