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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Health Science - Exercise Science

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Exercise Science program is to prepare students with professional skills and analytical abilities to assume prominent positions in health, fitness, and strength and conditioning across the state and nation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able:

Content/Discipline-Specific Knowledge/Skills

  • Use concepts, principles and skills to evaluate health status, assess fitness, and complete risk stratification within a variety of populations and settings.
  • Apply Exercise Counseling and Behavioral Strategies in a variety of populations and settings.
  • Recognize the Legal/Professional responsibilities of the degreed exercise professional.
  • Performance on National Credentialing Exams

Communication Skills

  • Use appropriate oral and written communication skills when interacting with allied health professionals, healthy individuals, family members, business and school administrators, colleagues, and media.
  • Communicate/demonstrate the management responsibilities of a Health and Fitness Specialist.

Critical Thinking Skills

Design, implement, and follow-up with exercise prescriptions in a variety of populations and settings.

Other Skills (Opt.)

  • Express satisfaction with the education the student received at UNF.
  • Establish professional employment or secure admission to graduate school.
  • Students will progress through the programmatic coursework in a timely manner and graduate on schedule.
  • Employers will report satisfaction with the knowledge and skills of graduates of the exercise science program.

Assessment Approaches

Direct measures include preceptor observation of student performance by qualified clinicians and various course-related activities such as poster/oral presentations, examinations and written papers. Indirect assessment measures will include graduate exit interviews, alumni and employer surveys, and feedback from internship site supervisors.