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University of North Florida School/Department

Course Number, Course Name (as it appears in the catalog)

Semester / Year

Meeting Times



Course Description

(Insert course description from the catalog and/or departmental description here.)


Course Overview

(Insert an overview of the course's purpose and what students can expect to learn. Discuss subject matter and how the course fits into the curriculum and why the course is useful. Describe any broad perspectives the course will address and how the course will be structured. Include a description of the method of instruction and outside class activities, such as problem-based learning or community-based learning.)

Course Learning Objectives

(List three to five major objectives toward which you expect all students to achieve. State the objectives in language that describes what students will be able to do "by the end of the course." Avoid describing what the instructor will do or what the course will entail. Focus on specific student behaviors or skills.)

Required Texts / Readings


(Insert the complete textbook citation here. Include ISBN and where students can purchase the text. Consider using quality Open Educational Resources in place of expensive textbooks. Contact your Library Liaison for support.)


See policy on Textbook Adoption:

Other Readings

(Insert the list of any additional readings here, or refer to an appendix.)

Other equipment / material requirements (optional)

(Identify additional equipment or materials needed and sources. Include as necessary e.g., if students need a microphone/headset for recording, obtain specific software to do homework, course fee, etc.)

Course requirements (description of exams, assignments, etc.)

(Describe the nature of the exams and assignments. Indicate the number of each. Include any special requirements such as attendance at outside events or Service Learning activities.


Refer to Final Exam Policy: )

Grading Standards / Attendance Policy

Include components of the final grade, weights assigned to each component, grading on a curve or scale. Can extra credit improve a grade and can a quiz grade be dropped? Discuss your policies clearly regarding attendance, reporting illness, etc.


Make accommodations for Religious Observances:

Policy on late work and/or missed exams

State your policies on late assignments and/or missed exams. Discuss make-ups, extra credit, and deadline extensions. Note that student athletes are permitted to make up any missed work as a result of attending a university sponsored event (such as an away sporting event), and that any missed work as a result of these events cannot reduce the student's access to all course policies (e.g., dropping grades, required attendance, etc.).


Make accommodations for Student Athletes

Additional resources

Include supplementary information that will help students succeed, such as:

  • glossary of terms and jargon;
  • hints about how to study or take notes;
  • information about campus resources such as tutoring, study skills help,
  • Consider Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
  • a reference list of more in-depth readings, advanced topics, or remedial refreshers; and
  • examples of past exam questions if possible.


Give sufficient detail so that students understand what percentage of the course is spent on various topics.


(See attached schedule at the end of this document)

Continuity of Instruction Plan

"In the event of disruption of normal classroom activities due to an emergency such as hurricane, pandemic or other unforeseen event or combination of events, the format of this course may be modified in order to enable completion of the course requirements. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to this syllabus that will supersede this version. It is your responsibility as a student participant to be proactive during any emergency to find instructions that I will post xxxxx which you should check daily."


(xxxxx might be "posted on Canvas LMS"," sent through email", "posted to your website", etc., as determined by the instructor, as appropriate for the course.)

ADA Statement

Students with disabilities who seek reasonable accommodations in the classroom or other aspects of performing their coursework must first register with the UNF Disability Resource Center (DRC) located in Building 57, Room 1500. DRC staff members work with students to obtain required documentation of disability and to identify appropriate accommodations as required by applicable disability laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After receiving all necessary documentation, the DRC staff determines whether a student qualifies for services with the DRC and if so, the accommodations the student requires will be provided. DRC staff then prepares a letter for the student to provide faculty advising them of approved accommodations. For further information, contact the DRC by phone (904) 620-2769, email (, or visit the DRC website (


Military and veteran students who return from combat exposure may be utilizing the post 9/11 GI bill to continue postsecondary education goals and may need both physical and academic accommodations. Contact the Military and Veterans' Resource Center by phone (904) 620-5131 or email

Student Health and Wellbeing

The UNF counseling center can help students who are having difficulties managing stress, adjusting to college, or who are feeling sad and hopeless. You can reach the UNF counseling center at or by calling (904)-620-2602 during and after business hours for routine appointments or if you or someone you know is in crisis. Walk-in hours are 10-2 PM Monday-Friday. Crisis appointments available.


The Victim Advocacy Program provides confidential crisis intervention services to anyone in the UNF community impacted by crime or victimization. Services offered range from emotional support to assistance navigating the criminal justice system. The Victim Advocacy Program is located in Founders Hall, Building 2, Suite 2100. Students may contact the 24-hour Crisis Helpline at (904) 620-1010. For more information visit

Technical Support

If you experience any problems with your UNF account you may send an email to: or call the UNF Computer Helpdesk at 904-620-4357.

Academic Integrity

Please review the University policy on academic integrity:


Academic Misconduct Policy at UNF:


(Include specific statements regarding academic integrity that might be relevant to the course.)

Violations of Academic Integrity

Under this heading the University of North Florida Student Handbook identifies several types of violations; these include but are not limited to: cheating; fabricating and falsifying information or citations; submitting the same work for credit in more than one course; plagiarizing; providing another student with access to one's own work to submit under this person's name or signature; destroying, stealing, or making inaccessible library or other academic resource material; and helping or attempting to help another person commit an act of academic dishonesty. The University of North Florida authorizes any instructor who finds evidence of cheating, plagiarism, or other wrongful behavior that violates the University of North Florida Academic Integrity Code to take appropriate action. Possible action includes, but is not limited to, failing the student on the work in question, failing the student for the course, notifying the appropriate academic dean or Vice President for Student Affairs, and requesting additional action be taken. The consequences of a breach of academic integrity may result in an F, which is unforgivable, regardless of withdrawal status.

Other Policies

Provide any further guidance regarding acceptable behavior in class such as inappropriate language, discrimination, eating, use of cell phones, and students' responsibilities in the learning process.


Consider the Non-discrimination Regulation:

Non-Discrimination Policy (Example):

The University of North Florida (UNF) is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who interact in our community. To accomplish this intent, UNF shall not commit or permit discrimination or harassment on the basis of genetic information, race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin or veteran status in any educational, employment, social or recreational program or activity it offers. Similarly, UNF will not commit or permit retaliation against an individual who complains of discrimination or harassment or an individual who cooperates in an investigation of an alleged violation of University Regulation. In exercising these standards, the University will not abridge either free speech or academic freedom based on its context. Accordingly, any member of the UNF community who believes that they have been subjected to discrimination, discriminatory harassment, retaliation, or sexual misconduct may seek guidance, counseling and/or file a complaint by contacting:Marlynn Jones, Director, E.O.I. and Title IX Administrator, located at Building 6, 1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32224-7699, or call (904) 620-2507 or via 711 Florida Relay for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing or those with speech impairments and/or limitations.


Also consider suggestions for dealing with disruptive students.


Tentative Schedule

(check Semester Schedule template from CIRT:


Week Dates Topic/Activities Reading/Assignments

Week 1


Course orientation

Post Student Homepage

Reading Assignment: Syllabus

Submit Syllabus Quiz

Post question in online course forum

Submit Honor Code assignment

Week 2



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 3



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 4



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 5



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 6



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 7



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 8



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 9



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 10



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 11



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 12



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 13



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 14



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 15



Reading Assignment: Chapter X

Week 16



Reading Assignment: Chapter X


These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.