The Office of Faculty Enhancement is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Symposium

The Symposium will be held on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017. The SoTL Symposium will be held in conjunction with the 2017 Research Week (April 10th-14th), highlighting faculty and student research and scholarship at UNF.  


The theme for this year’s SoTL Symposium is “IMPACT.” Teachers over the years have developed a number of high-impact practices that significantly affect student learning, such as learning communities, problem-based learning, capstone experiences, community-based learning, international and global learning, internships, and others. The SoTL Symposium will highlight these practices and invite faculty to present their ideas and demonstrate the impact they are having on student learning.  

To learn more about high impact practices, see the AAC&U High Impact Practices page.

To learn more about high impact practices at UNF, see the OFE HIPS page.


The deadline for submitting proposals HAS BEEN EXTENDED to MARCH 10th, 2017.
To submit your proposal, visit the SoTL Symposium Proposal Submission Form.  



Proposals should include:
  1) Names of Authors
  2) Title of Project
  3) A 250 word (max) summary of the project (including conceptual frameworks, methodology, results, and implications)
  4) A 50 word (max) description of the specific evidence of student learning that will be presented