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Community-Based Learning (CBL)

What is Community-Based Learning?

According to the University of North Florida's inaugural Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), "Community-Based Learning is ...[a collaborative process]...designed to provide students with rich, real world opportunities ... that enrich student learning, personal development and civic involvement while also contributing to the enrichment and well-being of the greater Jacksonville community and beyond." 


Faculty, staff, and administration officials at UNF are engaged in improving student learning through the development of Community-Based Transformational Learning and Community-Based Scholarship on a number of levels throughout the university. Faculty members can support this initiative by developing collaborative relationships with community partners, planning with these community partners innovative and engaging learning experiences for students, and engaging in meaningful and substantive community-based research projects in collaboration with students and community partners.


The Center for Community Based Learning and the Office of Faculty Excellence are available to work with faculty on community-based learning projects.   

Resources for Community-Based Learning

Examples of Community-Based Learning on the Center for Community Based Learning's Website