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Faculty Writing Circles


Many faculty members find it difficult to find focused time to write grants and write for academic publication because they feel challenged by teaching loads and administrative duties. Faculty Writing Circles are designed to facilitate academic writing for faculty who are faced with these challenges. The goal of the Writing Circle is to set an atmosphere of trust within which scholars feel comfortable sharing their work, receiving formative feedback, and revising their work for publication, grant submissions, and other professional forums. The ultimate goal of the Writing Circle is the development of writing and editing skills within the Writing-Circle participant that leads to the recognized distribution of scholarly work. 

Meeting Format and Timing: 

  • Each member commits to writing for at least 2.5 hours per week. Writing can include revision of work, review of background work, or development of theory. 
  • Groups of 4-6 members will organize a regular meetings scheduled once per week or twice per month.  
  • The Writing Circle will schedule presentations by specific members to display written work according to the meeting schedule. Each member will present written work in turn during a review session.
  • The scheduled member will deliver a short writing sample (>4 pages) without comment to the group one week before their scheduled review session.
  • During each meeting, one member serves as a facilitator. The facilitator reminds others of the meeting and monitors the time and activities during the meeting. The facilitator role should rotate among the group members. 

Rules for Review Sessions  



TBA. Check here prior to each semester for a link to the registration page.