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Faculty Learning Communities

The Office of Faculty Excellence (OFE) facilitates and coordinates the formation and logistics of Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), which are groups of approximately 6-12 faculty members organized around a theme or cohort who commit to meeting regularly and to working collaboratively on issues relevant to all members within the FLC.


The Office of Faculty Excellence currently sponsors the following FLCs: 

  • Faculty Writing Circles
    Many faculty members find it difficult to find focused time to write grants and write for academic publication because they feel challenged by teaching loads and administrative duties. The goal of the Writing Circle is to set an atmosphere of trust within which scholars feel comfortable sharing their work, receiving formative feedback, and revising their work for publication, grant submissions, and other professional forums. The ultimate goal of the Writing Circle is the development of writing and editing skills within the Writing-Circle participant that leads to the recognized distribution of scholarly work.
  • CREL – Course Redesign for Effective Learning
    OFE invites full-time faculty to participate in a week-long Course Redesign for Effective Learning (CREL) workshop during the summer term.  The purpose of the extended workshop is to provide faculty with the time, resources, information, and collaborative support needed to revise and redesign an existing course (or design a new course) in ways that will maximize student engagement and learning.