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Confidential Consultation

The Office of Faculty Enhancment (OFE) Director is available to discuss professional concerns such as promotion and tenure, teaching techniques, and research strategies. Frequent outcomes of these discussions are providing networking systems for various faculty members within and outside of their department and/or college.


The goal of faculty consultations is to provide individualized assistance that is appropriate for the faculty member's own goals for development. Typically, both newly-hired faculty members who may not have had significant prior experience in the classroom as well as veteran faculty members who are looking to identify another method to add to their repertoire have requested this service. Consultations may focus on:

  • interpretation of student evaluations
  • student/teacher interactions and classroom dynamics
  • pedagogical techniques and strategies
  • planning student projects and writing assignments
  • using interactive teaching strategies
  • formative and summative assessment
  • improving testing and grading practices
  • effective distance learning models.


Consultations can take the form of a single appointment, however, more often the consultation initiates conversation between OFE and the faculty member that may produce longitudinal discussions on teaching and learning. Each of the conversations are catered to the goals and direction of the faculty member. The intent is provide resources, suggestions and a research base on teaching and learning which the faculty member may not have the time to explore alone.