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CREL 2010 Cohort





Date Completed



James Beasley

May 7


  Arts & Sciences


James Beasley headshot


Redesigned Course: LIT 4930 Network Culture

Major Redesign Issue:  

This course is currently listed as a Senior Seminar course for English majors. While this course fulfills the Senior Seminar requirement, it has not been evaluated as to its programmatic effectiveness within the English major. In 2010, the English department will offer a new minor, Writing Studies. In order to offer Network Culture as an option for the new Writing Studies minor, I need to evaluate Network Culture in relation to programmatic goals and to revise this course to reflect the new populations it will serve.  

Siho Nam

 May 7


 Arts & Sciences


Siho Nam headshot


Redesigned Course: MMC 4420: Mass Communications Research

Major Redesign Issue:  The course redesign seeks to make significant shifts in the teachinglearning equilibrium, making it more active, experiential, and learnercentered. I plan to replace one-way lectures by various interactive course materials and problemsolving activities that help reposition students from a passive notetaker to an active, critical agent of their own knowledge acquisition.   


Daniel Pontzer

May 7

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Arts & Sciences


Daniel Pontzer headshot


Redesigned Course: CCJ 6053 Criminal Justice Systems/ CCJ 4935 Politics of Justice

Major Redesign Issue: This course will explore our community’s response to crime and violence in Jacksonville, Fl by examining the Jacksonville Journey program agenda initiated by Mayor John Payton. The Jacksonville Journey is a $31 million dollar investment in communitybuilding and anticrime initiatives prioritizing enhanced law enforcement, expanded juvenile intervention and child care programming, early literacy and community center expansion, programs designed to assist the reintegration of exoffenders, and community outreach. This initiative is overseen by a 141 member citizen advisory board. Leaders from Jacksonville’s sheriff’s office, the State Attorney’s Office, the mayor’s office, the City Council, and related criminal justice organizations will be invited to speak in class. Students will be broken into groups to complete a ‘class project’ on a particular program that they select, such as the offender reentry program or the State Attorney’s Office.  

 Brenda Vose

May 7

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Arts & Sciences


Brenda Vose headshot


Redesigned Course: CJC 4015 Correctional Systems/Process

Major Redesign Issue: I would like to redesign this course to include assignments/activities that will improve critical thinking, writing skills, interpersonal skills, and research skills. Specifically, I would like to implement small group activities that require students to work collaboratively to read, write, and present information about specific topics in corrections.  

Melissa Hargrove

May 7

Sociology & Anthropology

Arts & Sciences


Melissa Hargrove headshot


Redesigned Course: ANT 3212 Peoples and Cultures of the World

Major Redesign Issue:  The most important areas in need of improvement are related to greater student involvement both inside and outside the classroom.  Inside the classroom, I need to design student activities and projects aimed at creating an environment conducive to healthy discussion and debate.  Beyond the classroom, I have many ideas about how to utilize the University environment as a living laboratory. 


Kareem Jordan

August 7

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Arts & Sciences


Kareem Jordan headshot


Redesigned Course: IDH 2935 Diversity in the Criminal Justice System

Major Redesign Issue:  The two main weakness are communitybased learning and distance learning.  These are the most important areas that I want to improve and implement changes.

 Caroline Guardino

August 7

Exceptional Student & Deaf Education

Education & Human Services


Caroline Guardino headshot


Redesigned Course: EHD 6343 Reading Instruction for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Major Redesign Issue:  The course needs to be redesigned so assignments have clear objectives that encompass several critical tasks rather than one assignment per critical task. I need to create inclass group activities and collaborative projects that will allow the students to accomplish “assessments” and “reading strategies” without having to rely on the fieldbased practicum placement to achieve those learning objectives.  Rather than having the semester split between instruction and fieldbased practicum placement, I need to revise the format in which the content and fieldbased experience is delivered.  

James Gelsleichter

August 7


Arts & Sciences


James Gelsleichter headshot


Redesigned Course:  BSC 1010C  General Biology I 

Major Redesign Issue:  I believe that the most important improvement that currently has to be made to this course is to increase active student participation during class time.




Candice Carter

August 7

Sociology and Anthropology

Arts & Sciences


Candice Carter headshot


Redesigned Course: EDE6205 Teaching All Children

Major Redesign Issue: The course will be offered online to allow maximum enrollment of graduate students throughout Florida. Hence, my skills for DL instruction could be improved. The course will be offered as a synchronous DL class. In that approach, I could use more preparation for new modes of teaching through a synchronous method.



Gordon Rakita  August 7  Sociology & Anthropology   Arts & Sciences
       Gordon Rakita headshot

Redesigned Course: ANT2930 Human Evolution


Major Redesign Issue:  I plan to gather relevant and appropriate learning resources, develop active learning modules and a framework for student research, and create authentic and sophisticated assessment techniques for this course.