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Faculty Fellows

The Office of Faculty Enhancement provides fellowships to faculty working with the Director on faculty development projects.  The Fellows program offers opportunities for UNF faculty to interact and sometimes collaborate with the OFE Fellow on projects in order to facilitate scholarship, research, and teaching.  OFE Fellows are required to present their research in an open forum and in addition, are available two hours/week to assist faculty members one-on-one in the Faculty Center. Fellows assist the OFE in soliciting information from their respective colleges to continue productive, useful dialogue between the office and faculty members.

Past Fellow activity has included research and statistical consultation for more effective publications, confidential classroom observations, and assistance in the collection of qualitative data.  Former OFE Fellows have been from the departments of Philosophy, Pyschology, Computing, Art and Design, and English.   Former Faculty Fellows  



Fall 2011 Faculty Fellows:


 Lev Gasparov headshot

Faculty Fellow: Lev Gasparov, Department of Physics, COAS

Faculty Learning Community: Grant Writing

Meetings: 2:00-3:00 p.m. biweekly, starting September 16th

Any successful faculty at UNF is expected to be engaged in the meaningful research.  Research requires time, effort, and financial support for students.  UNF faculty pursue external funding to obtain such support.  Grant writing is a key component of this process.  The major goal of the Grant Writing Learning Community is to offer step by step help in the grant writing process for interested faculty at UNF.

During past decade Dr. Gasparov secured total of $377,168 in the peer-reviewed competitive grants from such funding agencies as the National Science Foundation, Research Corporation for the Advancement of Sciences, and the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Grant.  Dr. Gasparov will apply his experience in proposal development to facilitate this learning community.


 Chung-Ping A. Loh headshot

Faculty Fellow: Chung-Ping Loh, Department of Economics and Geography, CCB 
Faculty Learning Community: Quantitative Analysis

 Meetings: 1:00-2:00 p.m. biweekly, starting September 9th

Academic research constantly relies on statistical analysis for the provision of empirical evidence. While the demand for quantitative analysis is high, the standard of rigor for quantitative research has also been on the rise. In addition, many researchers are looking for alternative statistical approaches to enhance their disciplinary research. The faculty learning community on quantitative analysis will serve as a platform that brings together faculty who are interested in quantitative analysis for exchange of experience and knowledge in quantitative analysis across disciplines.


Dr. Albert Loh has experience in applying a wide range of statistical/econometric methods in the modeling of individual behaviors, economic and health policy analysis, program evaluation, and cost-benefit analysis. Dr. Loh will provide the statistical consultation for faculty who are interested in understanding the potential use of various statistical models given the constraint of one’s chose research topic and choose a statistical model that can best answer a research question. Faculty may also approach Dr. Loh as a collaborator in research projects involving statistical analysis.