Mudlark No. 48 (2012)

Mike Wallace Interviews Margaret Sanger, 1957

It first seems all about Philip Morris, the sponsor: 
the gentle, natural taste of fine tobacco that Mike lights
every ten minutes, blowing smoke at the woman for
whom there are No Gods and No Masters. How had she heard
What Every Girl Should Know? Didn’t the church spread the word
what was what with their bodies? She says no it was not
crucifix and nuns. All women tangled in the hitch 
of man’s law! Her facial muscles twitch, something she must  
scratch or poke, hands roaming, then growing still, while Mike lights 
up. Was it her atheist father, mother early 
gone, the TB she caught caring for her, ten siblings, 
two marriages, diaphanous diaphragm easy  
as a douche? “Brain cells...never sensual”? Those Philip 
Morrises in Mike’s box like little white penises.

John Allman | Renting a Life
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