Mudlark No. 48 (2012)

Serious What’s Serious

I’ll tell you serious. Jarvis Park, the wood stork’s
wings now opening, black tipped, a million years of 
flight on the now-carrying air that is clear all 
the way up to the palimpsest moon. But a tsu-
nami’s hitting Japan. The roiling cars and trucks 
and torn-off roofs a revision, the mistaken
mouths of mothers filling with wet sand, where children 
who’ll never be are the bleak memory of mayors.  
Aboveness and sky nothing but interior
roiling the gut of a reactor’s core, heating 
lyric into a scream: do we really consist
of song that is only the stream of a whore’s
lies? Dear Nature, dearest Jove, bearded St. Peter, don’t 
tell me you don’t conspire arm in arm in hell.

John Allman | Trimming Leo’s Toenails
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