Mudlark No. 48 (2012)

Literary Man

1911, Wiener Café, this grumpy guy in Moriz
Jung’s chromolithograph, slouching on a gorgeous
floral banquette, a mood I know, rejections
in the side pocket of his outer jacket that is
tucked partly behind him, his face stitched
from the fabrics of how many late night dips
of that pen on the table before him, the ink pot,
the blank paper, trousers hiked up to reveal
striped socks (stockings? pyjamas?), unlikely
bows on his shoes, oh, and the tie spreading
left to right, one end slipped beneath his waistcoat
that wrinkles across his abdomen, his hair flat
across the top of his head, draped over his ears,
who sends me this postcard, making such fun?

John Allman | Post Office
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