Mudlark No. 48 (2012)

Post Card

So with you it’s four below (this no nasal lie 
from the woman on the weather channel). The Worst
of the Worst. I’m sending you an alligator’s
jaws that scare the letter carrier who hesitates
handling. Look into that gullet. The fake row of
photographed teeth. The all-purpose bite. The lumpy
gulping. The fallen  pine cones. The brightly landing 
ibises who penetrate distance and hunger.
Mendacious anhingas with necks outstretched like snakes
in the tree over the lagoon,  where a man might 
hang himself if all this sun weren’t in his eyes.
The question being who let out the cat who stalks the
bird who spies the gator who clamps down on the light,
some of which is trapped under the stamp on this card. 

John Allman | Pharmacy
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