Mudlark No. 48 (2012)

Hotel Pool

How far have we traveled? The sago palm 
outside the natatorium window 
poking toward us. Tall palmettos’ startled 
hair, sea-clouds streaking our glass roof with world-
pulse, the bright synonyms of star stuff that 
gave itself to a somewhat puddled globe. 
Back stroke, side stroke, a little angina, 
a brief respite. The ever-now lengthening 
of the body in its first-of-the-day 
awakening. Green glimmer. Shadowless 
skin. Never mind the darkness of soil out 
there, where nematodes, “the most numerous 
multi-cellular animals on earth,” 
never find voice enough to out-sing us.   

John Allman | Extracting Wisdom 
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