Mudlark No. 41 (2010)

Afterthoughts, Siestas
Poems by Oliver Rice


Summer Place
The Work of Thinking, of Feeling
The Sly Calligrapher
Mendel the Monk 
Notes from Underground
In Rabat and Singapore
First Comer
Yo-Yo Ma Comes to Town
Afternoon of the Icon
Of the Cartesian Split
Pythagoras on a Saturday
Untitled Fourteen
The Albatross
Strains of Existential Despair
Where, Deferring to No One
With a Six-Shooter on the Chisholm Trail
A Restitution
To the Government
Excursion into Reality
Hello, Aristotle
Jeopardies of the Public Library
Caitlin Takes Him Back to Wales

Oliver Rice’s poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies in the United States, as well as Canada, Argentina, England, The Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, and India. His book of poems, On Consenting to Be a Man, is offered by Cyberwit, a diversified publishing house in the cultural capital Allahabad, India, and is available on An interview with Rice in Creekwalker is a good and useful introduction to the man and his work.

The cover image, Paul Klee’s Insula Dulcamara, 1938, an oil on newsprint, mounted on burlap, 31 1/2 x 69 inches, is reproduced here under the Fair Use Provision of the Copyright Act from a scan by Mark Harden that can be found in his Artchive. The original is owned by the Klee Foundation in Bern, Switzerland.

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