Mudlark No. 39 (2010)


Refrigeration system, like pneumatic system, operates under controls which are independent of the molding and vending cycle.

Thermostat which controls refrigeration system is located on right side of top panel. Thermostat should be set at “4” to keep coolant at approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

If at any time your newborn has a fever in excess of 100.4 degrees, as measured by an axillary thermometer, he or she may be on the verge of composing a poetic masterpiece. Call the after-hours help line immediately.

Thermo-switch attached to circulating pump is a safety switch which prevents MOLD-A- RAMA from operating if temperature of coolant is not low enough. Not all models are equipped with this feature. Your pediatrician can verify your model using your infant’s nine-digit serial number.

    Applying for this number is voluntary. 
    But, your child needs a number if you plan to —

       Claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return;
       Open a bank account;
       Buy savings bonds;
       Obtain medical coverage; or
       Apply for some kind of government services for your child.

I have an irrational fear of randomly generated numbers, I’m unable resist the urge to dislodge obvious patterns, the clear evidence of tampering. Random never looks random enough.

Your child’s serial number is just the beginning of the valuable protection and benefits he or she may be eligible for in the future.

You’re frightened of hotel bedspreads; I have an inexplicable predilection for the blueprints of imaginary space-aged machines; we find ourselves unable to make use of the changing stations in public restrooms.

Below the heat exchanger is a pan with a coil to evaporate surplus condensation.

                         (Schematic diagram of refrigeration system follows this page.)

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