Mudlark No. 39 (2010)


Injection cylinder is under top panel on left side of pot or container for molten plastic. Injection cylinder injects molten plastic into molds. At back end of injection cylinder is a flow- control valve, which controls the feed of molten plastic into molds to insure proper flow and filling. Flow-control is pre-set at factory and requires no adjustments.

This all occurred as an autonomic function of our bodies. Not only were we not in conscious control of these developments, we weren’t even really aware of them: My genotype called out to your genotype in the dark and heard an answer, even if it was only an echo.

We can deliberate endlessly about when and why. The point is: it was dark. Now, we’re waiting for the genotype to crawl through the environment and express itself as a phenotype. It’s the phenotype we’ll be attached to.

There’s something about self-organizing phenomena that’s convincing. Of something. There’s this transition from the technical, to the techno-emotional, to the melodramatic (and then back again). The melodrama at the living room bar develops as the in-sound of the phonograph becomes the out-sound of the soundtrack: Mrs. Robinson offers Benjamin a drink.

Drew Dillhunt | Mudlark No. 39 (2010)
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