Mudlark No. 39 (2010)


Installation and maintenance instructions appear in later pages. However, before installing MOLD-A-RAMA, operator should read the brief description of the system built into MOLD-A- RAMA.

We took a childbirth class (the two-night version rather than the four week), a cloth diapering class, and a breast-feeding class. Rather than take the coping methods class, we hired a birth doula who provides two postpartum visits as part of her services. We interviewed her in the back of a Starbucks. I sat with my best posture on the edge of a beige chaise lounge that some barista must have brought in from their parents’ house to make the store feel like Seattle. In a previous life our doula worked in fishery science and now she swears by herbal extracts — with a healthy disclaimer for the placebo effect — to help her sleep. We hired her on the spot. She had just the mix of science and granola. When we walked outside, it occurred to me that that’s where we live.

Drew Dillhunt | Mudlark No. 39 (2010)
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