Mudlark No. 39 (2010)


    Coin mechanism is located directly behind left side of the front panel of main cabinet. Coin
mechanism is adjustable to various prices, as indicated by instructions on front of mechanism.

    The placenta is an immuno-cloaked currency exchange. A shared ephemeral discoid organ
in which the blood types of relevant individuals are kept in the strictest of confidence. 

    Coin mechanism is mounted on an adjustable bracket and must be level for proper

    After cutting the line, and signing the paperwork twice, we donated the leftovers to the
cord blood bank. Consider placentophagy in the context of a lingering appetite for the intimacy 
of lost relationships.

    Because of the importance of proper operation of coin mechanism, strict maintenance of
coin mechanism is emphatically recommended.

    I’ve spent hours developing systems to avoid change. I have file cabinets full of documents
whose sole purpose is to encourage stasis. I’ve organized them that way.

    “Everyone’s having boys, so I think we might have a girl.” 
    “That’s not the way statistics work,” I say,  
    “Previous events have no bearing on future outcomes.”

    (unless, of course, you want them to)
    “I know,” you say.

    Our contrasting approaches to household maintenance (cleanliness vs. orderliness)
counteract any reflexive efforts on my part to employ this method.  
                                                                                                                             A machine having a plurality 
of complementary mold sections which sequentially engage and disengage each other.  
                                                                                                                                                              When I’m 
with you, it becomes manifest that change is love.  
                                                                                             This is where the sensuality of a relationship

                                   (Schematic diagram of coin mechanism follows this page)

Drew Dillhunt | Mudlark No. 39 (2010)
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