Mudlark No. 37 (2008)

from Older Than Our Fathers

Poems by John Allman

Author’s Note: These poems are from a collection that is a meditation on history and time in an autobiographical framework of fathers and sons, in eight parts, covering a period from 1912 to the present. Parts 1, 3, 5 and 7 consist of sequences of decasyllabic unrhymed sonnets in the voices of sons and fathers. The other sections contain longer poems, some of which are included here from Parts 2, 4, 6 and 8. The poem “And Then The Darkness,” which appears in Part 4 of the book, is here included as the last poem among those selected from Part 8.

Older Than Our Fathers, when completed, will be John Allman’s eighth book of poems. His recent collections of poetry include Lowcountry (2007) (from which a Mudlark chapbook was selected) and Loew’s Triboro (2004), published by New Directions, which has done most of his books, including Descending Fire & Other Stories (1994). He has recently completed his second collection of stories, A Fine Romance, stories from which have appeared in the online journals Blackbird and Storyglossia, as well as Michigan Quarterly Review. Poems from Older Than Our Fathers have been published in New York Quarterly, Hotel Amerika and Ashville Poetry Review.

Photo montage cover by Eileen Allman


from Part 2
     In The First Place
     The Frolicking Friars 
     First Job 1928
     Happy Days

from Part 4
     Your Life Twice
     Part Time
from Part 6
     Working The List
     The Weak Force
     In The Lecture Hall
     The Sighting

from Part 8
      A Common Year
     The Eyes Of Others
     The Gory Details
     The Moon Receding With Explosives 
          Strapped To Its Waist
     And When Darkness
     Taking A Look
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