Jeffrey Little

Jeffrey Little is the author of THE HOTEL STERNO as well as the newly released THE BOOK OF ARCANA (tomorrow’s stone-age cosmology today) both of which are published by Spout Press, Minneapolis, MN, and are availble directly through Spout at as well as For the last decade or so he’s been throwing his poetry at folks in the hope that some of it might actually wad up just right and stick. Some of it actually has, at EXQUISITE CORPSE, SHATTERED WIG, COLUMBIA POETRY REVIEW, KIOSK, FUORI, SPOUT, SWERVE, JUXTA, PAINTED BRIDE QUARTERLY, MUSE-APPRENTICE-GUILD.COM, THE-HOLD.COM and LOST & FOUND TIMES. He’s the author of CRAYOLA IN ARCANA, also known as MUDLARK NO. 15 (2000), and a number of other chapbooks including BUCKSHOT & SAMMY DAVIS: A LANDSCAPE OF TUBAS (Undulating Bedsheets Productions, Los Angeles, CA), THE GAME SHOW YEARS (Shattered Wig Press, Baltimore, MD), and in collaboration with Jim Leftwich, GNOMMONCLATURE (Luna Bisonte Prods, Columbus, OH). He was also a Delaware Division of the Arts Poetry Fellow in 2001. Go figure.

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