The Ten Tribes of Robert Johnson
            Trace the Sun Back to the Ancestors of Caste

The strength of particles called Time on typical stars appears to be prehistoric,
verified in 1340 by the seemingly random slide of horse-drawn carriages
into the sun. After that the Ten Tribes of Robert Johnson migrated
so as to breathe more freely through the stars.

                                    Some taboos travel by goat, some by The Voice of Space.

This account has forced the forbidden items to travel by assimilation.

The stellar wind is of an African river valley many of whose members
were permitted on the sun, leaving the resistance to Robert Johnson
alone with the nomadic descendents of scholars
in the 53rd century whose ultimate fate’s unknown.

                        Robert Johnson bent notes into Tribes, into a semblance of Palestine,
                                       he bent notes into Italians, into centuries, and an overlapping
                                                               atmosphere of stars, Robert Johnson bent Taboo
and with his voice spoke to the Ancestors of Caste while the slide walked the call.

         “Within the traveling axis is a utopian existence — it’s distant, and South American.”

From the authority of caste come prohibitions against the night
and intense desert fighting erupted in Israel between the clouds.

Nothing remained.

         He recited an epic poem with a relative change in the point of view in that
                                             wandering peoples became the naked eye of the Earth,
                              a large celestial body composed of gases and creative speculation.

The fact that stars are concerned with the time on other stars cannot be directly observed.

Three months, and the moons of Robert Johnson — South America by goat or car.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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