Susan Sontag: The Blue Fog Bad

A fiddler, forming the crowd, is a juggler asking questions. Chemistry can be seen
as the crowd, may be seen, may be described, as well as what happens
when iron rusts, and why there’s a winding staircase in a caravan of matter.

Susan Sontag knew she was a winding staircase so she moved from attempts to direct
protein synthesis and began charging admission.

                                                                        She was widespread. She was being ignored.

The open air is but freely bent, the open air is but a chain, arranged like a ropedancer
                  and surrounded by a bag of chromosomes summoned from the sea, and the bases,
                                                                                 the blue fog bad. Ores, featuring a new third line.

Wild animal shows, like DNA, carry instructions. Susan Sontag became aware
of the wagons, she made a movement with her arms that said “The ladder twisted
into quarry colors the vicissitudes of the crowd, and may be, in addition, an alchemy.”

DNA is organized on the bandy arms of the fiddler linked together to form a tent.
Archaic, its scale is determined by tiers.

                       In forms of life and street parades and in turn introduced to the town. She saw
      there wasn’t a juggler enough to shape the stairs so she liberated the code and founded
the science lying between physics and tectonic notation and left the parts all left together.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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