Trust the Stone Age: Karen Horney (as Hybrid)
            Works to Spook the Lesser Gods

“Lumber comes from Egypt a-haunted, and suddenly vertigo saw itself as the goof.”

She didn’t know why so it was time. Trust the stone age but recognize
the likely instigator walking no matter where the first sacks drifted as lines.

                            The blue waking trembled in the basic equality of chemistry, the blue
                  waking trembled in nature and what it looked for, Karen Horney alienated
             the likely stonecutters of the establishment with the strength of her position.

More in the inside of an inside of the catch for us all lived. New faith, for example.

“The Queen of Scots baked a ripe hog, people, and this little piggy
had a Roman possession... now I’ve got the Big Disease!”

                                                                                          They’re tapping the Clock for fines.

Again the first sacks drifted, as oceans or courtship patterns, and special fishponds
were in the train bearing the precipice away to hybridization. The plan was to build
to the railings of a profound series of lesser gods, with masons all over the trees.

She could listen to the ceiling which was the book that made a secure table sandy
in the flow, neuroses and the entrails of revelations tumbling in many sizes
superior to general ideas.

Evolutionary change in keeping with the largest and truly terrified
was in fact a precipice of different gene combinations

                                                             — hybrid vigor and the panic syndrome —

                                                                                 once people were in the air they could occur.

(Lumber in this reception preached to the largest number sweating the western world.)

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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