The Soap Bubble and The Unidentified Flying Object:
            Crazy Horse Ill-defined

To the caliphates of wood pulp, Crazy Horse seen in the air was especially considerable.

Those same caliphates of what are now called conversion reactions and the gropings
of middle Europe — liquid smoke & a smog that seemed certain to reduce the yellow.

                  Most scientists grant that UFO’s are memorial gardens with niches where
                              ash-filled urns can be decolored by treatment. If the yellow
                  goes up during prolonged periods of cremation, then force is not be taken.

Crazy Horse took one look at the fumes & said “Chowder, Torque, and Yarns,
all in the cause of rotation.”

                                    A soap bubble was taken away to make the United States.

The force is applied force multiplied by such as to sever mental dissociation.

Today there are memorial gardens with arsenic and sulfur as it was practiced during
         the potentiality of wood pulp, and the modern revival of death allayed opponents’
                              fears that intelligent life may well exist elsewhere in profile.

Crazy Horse seen in the bleach, seen in the eyes and fumes of the furnaces, to the sky
he looked more like a society advocating cremation than an ancient revival of smog.

                                          Their source: the battle began with a soap bubble.

Custer took one look at the stumbling block. It was the stumbling block.

Crazy Horse standing over the scientific method of the bugler made a UFO in his eye.

Custer took a look at the sky. A fully convincing photo has yet to be taken of the dead.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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