A Singing Over the Stone Age:
            Technology and the Defiance of Sarah Good

Who could have guessed the walls the Toolmakers would apply to the idea of Santeria?

The Stone Age traced the modern witch without respect to the whey, a puritan icon
called Walking the Screw. The methodology did not chip.

Technology means ovens and mysterious spells — means plants, hardened to stone.
The two can be verified by repetition.

               The defiance of Sarah Good increased geometrically around the heat of hearth.

An essential condition of technological change has developed according to the historical
influence of the horizon, best exemplified in 1692 by the Sight Wheel in Salem.
She observed its search for making tools and stared away the limits of their craft.

                     Industrial civilization is essentially a primitive plowstick, while historians,
                                 manipulating photsynthesis, can only be seen as theoretical stones.

         Trance-less states and an innocent woman there where we turned from Sarah Good.

Sarah Good hanged in Salem with the identity of the apparition, for planting, falling,
without respect for the pigments, these people, nights away under the trials,

nights there and she was as the ground regarding the earliest singings of a spectral more.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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