Reminder Too Long To Be A Sonnet

Let's not forget the god of underwear
or either the faded paint
on the once-ugly but now old and beautiful building god
or the dirt god, the god of blue jays and yellow weeds
the 8 1/2 x 11 god, the god of twigs,
the god of hidden stones
and ones too small for hiding
the beer can god
the god of sky held tightly between branches
the bumble bee god, the god of toads, the crow-laughter god
the god of rain asleep on naked leaves
the god of webs and dirty roots and hundred year old spiders
the god of skins, shells, pelts, and feathers
the god of meat and apricots
and small bone-colored flowers
the god of 24 hour markets, of necks, of butter
of glittering ink, the fruit stand god
the god of cablevision, the god of UPS, god of nightclubs god
of seagulls, god of tits, the god of tourists
the god of waitresses and their inarticulate
but loyal boyfriends waiting in silence
while she counts her money, drops her cigarette
into a glass of flat Pepsi, says okay, we're history

Robert Gregory | Mudlark No. 17
Contents | A Charm Against Captain Poison & Captain Seafish