Mudlark No. 17 (2001)

Clouds & Green Police

by Robert Gregory



Emptiness is a long story
that swallows up heaven and earth
a splash of ink turns into two dragons
stray clouds become an azure dog

      Shih-shu (Trans. James H. Sanford)

You've got to find some way of saying it without saying it

      Edward Kennedy Ellington


Two Sisters Who had Wandered

The Previous Tear

A Young Breeze Gets Restless

The Thing

Say The Cloud Boy

Someone's Been Eating the Moon Again

Rain the Modifier

A Man in Black Shoes Walking Slowly Because His Case Is Heavy

This Morning, Breath is Jealous, There's an Inch of Red

Reminder Too Long to be a Sonnet

A Charm Against Captain Poison & Captain Seafish

A Sleepy Town, One Black Marble

In Passing

Clouds & Green Police

Here (and There)

Blueish City


What the Sleeper Understands

History of the World

Miss Joy's Gone South

Letter Home

Crossing the Sea of Kansas


Of a Man in the Road

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