Monkey Boy, Returning to Earth as a Single Red Rose,
Helps Out a Friend, With Lascivious Thoughts,
Running on a Country Road

Sorry I'm late getting back here to you, man,
But I had fevers burning out my bones,
Skirt chasing angel chicks and slivers of moon,
Happy-go-luckying my crispy crittered self of one.

So God, sweet Thunder Eyes herself, chucked me downstairs
From Angeltown to being the one lone flower
In a field again, but it's good to taste the air
Just the same — petals glistening in afternoon showers...

I'm here for the one who keeps his heart for his wife.
That's you, running man (She good looking or what?).
I'm here, but you slip just once in a moon's life
I'll bleed so you'll fade away, and I'm the cat
Who keeps his word, since I've been angelcized.
Stick with Ole Red Rose. We'll get you home alright.

Stuart Lishan | Mudlark No. 16
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