The Tapestry of Wishing: Where I Tell How
The Duchess of Moisture's Revenge Against
Moonlight and Those Closest to Him Began

First, a frost on the spirit — rage stirring, flower
Felt; then coyly, like placid volcanic ash,
Snow fell; then the wind's sea salt fervor
Began; ice swathed bit by bit like a lash
Unleashed upon us; pulled from me my wishes'
Savaged forms scattered; Duchess revenge
Sent them scouring through the night like witches
Before they fell like a meteor's red edged
Embers into the sea; now wending their way,
Caravanned by — whom? currents? scaled or scalloped
Harbingers? — I don't know, but far away,
To the Dolphins' Pearl Citadel, they escaped,
And so moved was the queen there that her strong
Magic was stirred; she felt our hurt, you see, our wrong...

Stuart Lishan | Mudlark No. 16
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