Why We Get What We Can Get:
Monkey Boy Hangs Out With The Squirrels

"Like Mr. Buck says I'm suspended; Right;
Like Felisha, I saw you peel down, Friday,
Near the woodshop, after the game that night;

You didn't know me; I thought, 'Infidelity,
Man, she's done it to me'; I wanted it
Good just once, Felisha; like in the trees, squirrel
Junkies on needle-thin branches shoot
Up and up, and they leap, their tails in a whirl;

Like, it was like a beast was climbing my baby;
Like, a hand like an otter slid down your hair;
A puma pawed what should have been saved for me.
You lifted, skirt like a skunk's tail; you didn't scare;

But I did; when you squealed, as you came, I let go,
Jumped, pretending, that to meet me, your hips rose..."

Stuart Lishan | Mudlark No. 16
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