A Reminiscence of Early Loves:
Why Moonlight Moves Across the Sky

Duchess:       That long, still-sweetening memory: As my army defined
              Itself and gathered round me mottled and sieve-
              Like as a mackerel sky, I took you to my castle, mine;
              I led you...; my archers womanned the walls, my slaves
              The elves sang, as you touched the folds of my skin; oh,
              All this I remember now like yesterday...

Moonlight:      I loved you, when I first saw you through the bowed
              Branches as you slept and I thought, "just to lay
              Alongside you!" I loved the way your skin scent,
              Like ferns in the summer forest, soothed my shrill
              Voices, urging, uncommitted; so I went,
              I go, among night skies looking for the will

              To stop, rest; I felt that in your arms.
Duchess:       So come, love, come, and let me kiss away your storms...

Stuart Lishan | Mudlark No. 16
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