What the Leech Oracle Prophesies:
The Fate of These Tapestries

Against my will she electrifies — through the socket
She sucks my blood with — this sense of my work's fate;
Now it flows, commingles, my blunt sapped heart
Heavy with it; to find the fall or flight
Of the silks my skill weaves, the leech enters
My ivory gates to read, to rend my heart's blood:
"What will be found," she says, "is a fragment you've never
Witnessed or imagined; and only the pieces will stand —
See, I hold them toward you:'... the wave crests illumine
Galileo Dolphin, a leaping star...; then, turning
His dream antenna towards her... Doctor Gwilliam. . . ;
His love for her...; arrival of burning...,
The Duchess...; their moonlight sin, the slain...
Troops... she...; then the rolling clouds flame...' "

Stuart Lishan | Mudlark No. 16
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