Why We Sometimes Don't Say Anything
in Dreams: Monkey Boy

"I'm a fiend in high school, like dead-sky, man;

Like in the shake line my hair gathers like fur;

Like when I climb the bleachers during gym
And hooch for hours, Coach says, 'Save it for

like things swim in front of me
(Like when a Harley starts I think 'lion'),

Like that ROTC kid kicks me, says, 'Say yes
Sir, YES SIR!'

            Like eat my heart for dinner, man;

Like I give Felisha grubs in study hall;
Like my dick is crawling with larval flies;

Like trees trees trees they're fucking beautiful;

Like there's this thing in my head and there's wires;

Like Doctor Kramer says, 'Sit back, try not
To breathe,' so I don't, and it's like..., so I don't..."

Stuart Lishan | Mudlark No. 16
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