Mudlark No. 15 (2000)

crayola in arcana

by Jeffrey Little


crayola gestures
crayola & the discovery of air
crayola at the old rub in a hot left hole
crayola & the cooked
crayola divides by three
the exiles of crayola's breathing
crayola in her tropics waiting for rain
crayola at rest
crayola glowing the dark
crayola w/haints, crayola w/out
crayola takes to tectonics
crayola speaks
crayola & her kitchen of bones
crayola holding court by her quonset
crayola under different stars
crayola's new partner, the last blues
crayola seen from the side
crayola in the outening
crayola, nearing
tiny umbrellas
something like a zydeco eremite every summer

Copyright © Mudlark 2000
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