Itinerary of the Turning Moon
     C says it's Barcelona, maybe M's still there, I say it's quite internal, I felt the moon turn on a falling tear.

Dimpled Cheeks
     Nothing worse. The other B was married before and his wife was the Glory Sunshine Bread girl as a child. She grew up gorgeous too. They ate butter.

Cow with the Beautiful Muzzle
     Soft and unwrinkled, all of her. Just mottled, tipped with pink, white, and brown. A cocoa-color, really, and a bit of tangerine. She lifted her muzzle to greet us, chew and nod.

Mottled Cow
     Same cow, different view. Today everything else might change.

Profuse Wet Nurse
     Also a cow though we all hope free grazing and well treated and happy to share her milk.

The Extravagant Lady
     In a good way she was long but she was ailing in generosity on Tuesday when her ears failed her.

Excrescence at Play
     If you can't play you can't create, don't be surprised that the excrescence does it.

Dog on the Table
     Because there were so many other places he'd been told not to go.

Squinting Man
     There's a kind of inescapable betrayal, not for love. He squinted and she couldn't make out his face and I'm afraid someone noticed.

Knoll of Visions
     Happier there than all possibilities: no feeling creature wounded or disgraced. Clear water fell in the corner, through a collander, through a screen.

Logic-Breaking Stone
     Take it in your hand and break it, take it alone, take it to bed. The logic isn't broken, just abandoned.

Table of Doubtful Form
     Exactly as we perceived it, exactly so. And the terrible joke he made about the dog I was pleased to receive although it was quite loathsome. It was a joke only when you looked at the sides, not a table.

Bestowing Blessings
     We all say if he could just do this we would be happy, but I don't think so, it's not so simple. A kiss in the center of the back on a cool morning would do it.

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