Man Wedged into Walls
     He has seen something we have not seen. His method is different: insert the head into the desired knowledge. Wait to be enlightened.

Half-length Personage: Nose Wrinkler
     Physical reasons for emotional characteristics. Small personages especially: worried about every single click of the world spinning past GO. Also worried about bathing suits, disdainful of flowers.

Woman Pinning Up Her Hair
     Yes but it's not the desired solution. A spider on the mirror, lowering itself from the round white overhead lamp. No commas between dark hair curls, no commas.

Thickly Painted Garden
     And well done. Conceive of the peonies in F's yard, mostly the fuschia shade of green. Scattered amidst the somewhat gravel and loam, the sweet alyssum. R goes there, having never met her. Takes with her J, perhaps, happier lately than he's been.

Head of a Worthy Man
     Don't kid yourself. Worthy nothing. As if a flat mosquito flying directly toward your face backed by a sunset flame wouldn't sting you.

Woman Sitting in Front of Shutters
     As it begins to get light in June off a corner of the light. Vireos? Vireos. And also without doubt the honeysuckle. No window to dress the shutters, no summer dream.

Rope Skipper
     Not exactly a heron; perhaps a garza. White in yellow ankle boots. Psychological sand in his shoes. When C called me to come and observe him, he was skipping rope with seaweed. The cold cappuccino tastes better. A squirrel has gnawed a hole in the light.

Wall with Inscriptions
     Perhaps the answer will be here: why I keep thinking about you. Walking along the rock rubble sand on the way to the poison ivy beach. Over by the swampland, three boulders. Three very beautiful.

Cyclist in the Fields
     It would be easy for us to ignore him, to skirt the cornfields around him, to fly over him as the geese do, to act as if he were silly as lint. Yet there he is freely, as a book does.

Blue and Red Cow
     Soon there was no reason to hold grief in a handkerchief like an egg, the rock-quartz white egg you found on the beach, and soon there was no reason to find on the beach. You. Green cow, finally.

Large Coaly Nude
     Finding the last number of lost numbers and a white singe. Edges of the ironing board. I did, I do, I shall, I am. Look in the mirror to find I am smaller.

Nude Cyclist
     I don't like your wisdom or your chattering. I have not reached out for you. The dog on the beach was nude, the gulls nude, the garzas. Or they don't have those here, but I love them, like you.

Winey Landscape
     Ice bucket, who knows, where's the ice, who needs it, ro-say wine, bottle too large, nobody drinks it. Not-body.

Diane Wald | Screen Two
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