His birthday comes around just once a year,
dying and born anew, though, every day--&
if he weren't over yonder, he'd be here.

Meek baritone of the mighty Milky Way,
a tenor of the flock, he's where his words are--
soaring majesty!

Mark how blood shudders in the fixèd star!
Tin harmonica below--(a joe named Luther)--
King of sheepdogs--(doggèd sheep)--you are!


Papyrus--pink-palmed scrolls--about to flower,
my speckled maple stretches toward     the feeble sun...
some early spirit     of your ancestor
tenders black lamb's-wool     & a ruddy crown:
rose orientation     lent     serene     uplifted     fire.


Henry Gould | To the Green Constellation
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