Mudlark No. 64 (2018)

beaten taken 
to the trucks to be gassed 
to the ovens to be made 
ash in such proficient chambers 
what is to give light must endure burning 
first stabbed then forcibly drowned first directed to dig 
our own graves before execution 
head chest chest bullet holes we murder 
you God i said the soul of God is feminine but she said it’s both we murder you 
more each day our bodies hung from trees bridges 
overpasses in the bright cities glittering bruises an effusion 
of blood on the earth due to rupture the sloughing 
of flesh from bone dead eyes bloated by sun 
ogled by zealots and masses or seen by none 

                                                                 —for Marie Uchytilová and Anton Wildgans 

Shann Ray | Atomic Theory 432, iv.9
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