Mudlark No. 64 (2018)

                                                                  but she believes love a natural state 
created by you God so she asks me to value wailing women 
for they teach our daughters to wail and remember america slaves raped collared killed 
and why we are responsible for each other and how we depend on each bloodacre 
housed in the soul and i say now we have valid reliable measures 
of forgiveness capacity and soon atonement capacity and since we can 
measure biophotons knitted inside the body and how 
the eyes don’t grow old and can contain more concentrated light each day 
atomic particles (waves of light) are called quanta then we also know dna 
hydrogen binding (bonding) is the superstructure at the center 
of us a subatomic nuclear architecture she says she knows it helps us believe the deeper 
the light in our body the more contained the higher our forgiveness capacity one to one 
she and i agreeing over dinner and this night horse constellation of stars science discovers it too 
because art is science is beauty is us knowing how fear torments and love heals 

                                                                 — for bell hooks  

Shann Ray | Atomic Theory 432, iv.3
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