Mudlark No. 64 (2018)

fatherless man when you slap my face i know 
narcissistic rage is just a reaction to narcissistic injury 
a perceived threat making self-perception reality 
                    the master egos march our dna our cells made of light 
two parts hydrogen conducting light one part oxygen 
hydrogen makes bonding energy in our dna 10 billion antigens 
created through binding energy 
for a given immunity response the breath of life 
                    even after smothering abrasions around the mouth and nose 
make us respond defensively becoming breathing bombs 
swords death-spears and flames detaching emotionally 
to escape more injury any harm real or imagined 
to our fantastic magical thinking and again we solicit 
narcissistic supply subservience adulation admiration being feared 


Shann Ray | Atomic Theory 432, iv.2
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