Mudlark No. 64 (2018)

the stars are not lonely they have each other she says
ante-mortem abrasions reddish brown slightly raised in vital reaction 
post-mortem abrasions yellow translucent star-forming nebulae
over bony prominences the earth the rainflower
mountain lions sunning on benches of stone atop the great divide
her hands teach me not to miss bone and use primary flight feathers instead 

we are already home because the sun is fusion 

she brought me close and read to me again yesterday how john said God is light 
and Christ said i am the light of the world come to me
and you will have no darkness you will have the light of life the open wheat field 
of forgiveness is wishbone is love is light splitting matter with light 
a boon to the body corretta martin the wings of western tanagers
singing love without power is windless anemic and weak
and power without love is reckless and abusive o fusion wind carry us forever now 


Shann Ray | Atomic Theory 432, iii.9
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